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Most of the 20 Aztec and Maya calendar day signs are the same

Aztec and Maya day signs

A quick glance at the world-wide web shows plenty of places where you can study the 20 Mexica (Aztec) calendar or day signs and plenty of places where you can study the Maya equivalent, but here we give you the chance to compare the two sets... (Written by Ian Mursell/Mexicolore)

In fact, most (16) of them are virtually identical! (Enlarge the picture to check). This is hardly surprising given that the Aztecs developed much of their calendar system from the (much older) Maya. The ones that are different are:-
• no. 3: instead of House, the Maya had Night
• no. 4: instead of Lizard, the Maya had Maize/Net/Sacrifice
• no. 17: instead of Movement, the Maya had Earth, and
• no. 20: instead of Flower, the Maya had Lord or Ruler.

Aztec day sign illustrations (top pictures in each row) produced for and © Mexicolore by Felipe Dávalos
Maya day sign illustrations (bottom pictures in each row) courtesy of

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