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Beetle image (Florentine Codex)

Superstitious? You bet...

Meet the brave warrior beetle called ‘I Shame Someone’

“On meeting with a pinauiztli beetle people believed that something shameful would afflict them, that perhaps they might even perish as a result. If it entered someone’s house, it was a sign that sickness would come or, again, that they would meet with some evil that would shame them. In order to ascertain the outcome, they would draw a cross on the ground representing the cardinal directions, and place the beetle at the centre. If it moved off to the north - the direction of the Realm of the Dead, Mictlan - then they knew they would die! If it did otherwise, they understood that the consequences of its appearance would be less severe...”

Part of Dr. Eleanor Wake’s reply to a pupil’s question on deadly creepy-crawlies in Aztec times:- follow the link below to find out more!

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