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Aztec life cycle animation

We are delighted to have been given permission by Victor Hugo Hernández, a latino artist and creative graphic designer based in California, who has created a truly delightful short animation on the Aztec life cycle, based on images found in the Codex Mendoza. Thank you, Vico. Enjoy...!

Vico writes:Yololoztli is part of a body of work that I have been working on for the past 5 years whose focus is on shedding a light on the Aztec/Mexica culture by piecing history together from images found in surviving codices and appropriating them in new media to retell the story to a global audience. This animation depicts the Mexica life cycle from childhood to adulthood and procreation. This story underscores the common humanity that is shared across all world cultures as everyone can relate to these universal rituals of nurture and care. It is important to share stories like these that reveal our cultural similarities because in the past (colonial times) much of the dialog was focused on our differences. As with all works in this series I have tried to stay true to the general style in the reproduction of the work and I’ve added my own touches that fill in the gaps and help create the story.’

Aztec Life Cycle

Victor Hernández’s website
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Mexicolore replies: We love it too! We’ll try and ask Vico to provide fuller details...