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Aztec musicians and dancers (Florentine Codex, vol 1)

Aztecs dance the night away

‘During this sign (One Flower), the nobles would dance out of piety ... They divided the emblems and feather ornaments among the nobles, the courageous men and the soldiers ... They also gave capes and loincloths to the singers, to those who played the teponaztli and the drums, to those who whistled and to all the other singers and dancers’ (Florentine Codex).

Mexicolore’s animation of the classic scene from the Tovar Manuscript of Mexica (Aztec) dancers moving anti-clockwise around the drummers

The singers and dancers present a lively scene. Rank is indicated by garments, hairstyle and jewellery (for example, special singers of hymns could wear a labret, or lip plug)

Image from the Codex Florentino, info from ‘Painting the Conquest’ by Serge Gruzinski

Learn much more about Mexica/Aztec music, song and dance...

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