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Aztec midwife attending a pregnant woman, Florentine Codex

Aztec pregnancy: Dos and Don’ts

At least half a dozen chapters in Book 6 of the Florentine Codex focus on the role of the all-important midwife caring for a pregnant woman. Our researcher Julia Flood, prepared some time ago a downloadable 4-page resource, which shows you just how seriously the Aztecs took the whole subject of preparing for birth (click on the PDF icon). First, though, do watch this great new little (4-min) video, written by Professor Kay Read (a member of our Panel of Experts), for the TED-Ed platform.

Animators Cristina Neto, Mirta Brkulj; narrator Bethany Cutmore-Scott

Our downloadable resource on Aztec pregnancy and midwives
Our downloadable resource on Aztec pregnancy and midwives (Click on image to enlarge)

Special thanks to Professor Kay Read for this resource.

Main picture: Florentine Codex, Book VI Chapter 27, scanned from our own copy of the Club Internacional del Libro 3-volume facsimile edition, Madrid, 1994.

This article was uploaded to the Mexicolore website on May 18th 2020

Acrobat logo Download the entire 4-page feature on Aztec pregnancy (click on PDF icon)

‘Call the Aztec Midwife’ - National Geographic feature
Visit the TED-Ed page for extra teaching resource material based on the video
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