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Outside and inside a simple Aztec peasant’s house

Images of Everyday Aztec Life

The codices give us an opportunity to see how the Mexica/Aztecs lived their lives from day to day. Click through these examples.

The composite image on the right shows a drawing of a simple peasant farmer’s house (from a codex) alongside a reconstructed Aztec house interior in a major Mexican museum. Learn more by clicking on ‘One-room bed-sit’ below...

Monkey huntHow to capture a monkey?

Just invite it to warm itself by the fire...

Lavish Mexica warrior uniformsMuch of Aztec warfare was directed to pomp

and display rather than military efficiency...

The education of Aztec men and womenAztec man and woman -

‘Lord and Lady of the necessities of life’

Aztec social mobilityThough Mexica society was hierarchical,

social mobility wasn’t just possible but encouraged...

Maya blue - Mexica greenMexica green came from Maya blue

(with a spot of yellow)...

Superstitious? (8)‘Certain ritual precautions had to be taken

[by the Aztecs] when consuming food...’

Mummy bundle masksDeath bundle masks protected the individual

on their journey to the underworld...

Notes on the three souls, spirits, animistic entitiesWe give you the low-down on the 3

Aztec souls or ‘animistic entities’...

Superstitious? (7)Identical twins shared just one tonalli (life force)

- so they had to work twice as hard...

Aztec pregnancy: Dos and Don’tsAnimation: ‘A Day in the Life

of an Aztec midwife...’

Maize and the Aztec farming yearThe Mexica spent less time later saying thanks for

a good harvest and more praying earlier for abundance

Physical contact in greetingsDid the Mexica hug

when greeting each other?

The good farmerA good Aztec farmer studied the moon

and was a good ‘reader of the day signs’

Superstitious? (6)Seen a ghost? Safest way to see it off

was to scare it with its own reflection...

Superstitious? (5)Don’t drink before your older sibling

or you’ll stop growing...!

While Aztec women knelt, men squattedIn Aztec times, men didn’t sit

on chairs - they squatted

Curfew!Everyone in Tenochtitlan

had to head home at 6 pm!

Superstitious? (4)If you sneezed, it meant someone

was talking about you far away!

Commoners versus noblesSome differences between

Mexica nobles and commoners...

Aztec FurnitureThe climate had a real impact

on household Aztec furniture...

Giving birth was one big battleFor the Aztecs, a woman giving birth

was likened to a warrior in a battle

Aztec life cycle animationWatch a delightful animation

on the Aztec life cycle...

The human cost of famineFamine drove the Mexica

to sell themselves to feed their families...

Superstitious? (3)A Mexica had to be brave...

... to go to the loo at night!

Reward for your first captive!WANTED - ALIVE: a captive warrior

REWARD: a beautiful cape!

Fondness for flowers...Flowers played an important role

in individual Mexica lives...

The Natural Look: Beauty Tips for the Aztec GirlThe Natural Look: Beauty Tips

For the Aztec Girl...

Mexica man, Mexica womanMexica man, Mexica woman -

physical strength, moral force

Off to work at 6...Off to work at 6...

... years old

Red - the colour of cactus blood!The Redcoats obtained their ‘red’ coats from Mexican

cactus beetles called cochineal - in huge quantities...

Annual pillow-fights!Aztec pillow-fight games: the trick was

to hide the soft bag under your cape...

Fancy a puff?Aztec pipes were called ‘tubes of aromas’

and held like darts thrown in battle!

Carrying the bride and tying the knot... Knots and matchmakers -

clues to ancient Mexican weddings

Ritual self (“auto”)-sacrificeWould your cry of pain have been

ear-piercing, tongue-piercing or nose-piercing?

Aztec HairstylesSome Aztec hairstyles were definitely

‘a cut above the rest...’

Girls’ hair and make-upSome dyed their hair with indigo

- ‘so that their hair shone...’

Home smoky home!One-room bed-sit...

... Home smoky home!

Aztecs dance the night awayWhen the Aztecs danced...

...they ‘sang with their feet’

The wisdom of Aztec parents (1)The wisdom of Aztec parents

- even the Spanish were deeply impressed...

The Aztec Approach to EducationEducating a young person was literally

‘giving wisdom to their face’!

Pelican crossing - not to be missed!For Aztec water-folk

the pelican mirrored their fate...

What’s your nickname?Pre-Hispanic nicknames...

... were often linked to clothing

Freedom: run for it!The original ‘runaway’ slave

- the Aztecs gave you a sporting chance...

Superstitious? You bet...Beetlemania...

... seriously bad news!

Ants, frogs and mice and the bad luck they brought Aztec householdsPlagued by ants, mice, frogs?

To the Aztecs they were omens as well as pests...

The early morning sound of tortilla-makingBetter than an alarm clock

The timeless sound of tortilla-making

A cry for help...The Aztecs cried their hearts out...

... they made a strong case ‘for crying out loud’

A Bundle of DeathDust to dust...

... for the Aztecs it was water to water

Steam Bath in an Igloo!Awaiting you in the sauna -

- goddess of the ‘steamy’ side of life...

The wheel - would it have helped?In wheel life...

... feet handle rough terrain far better

3 score and 10 - cheers!3 score and 10...


Sacred AgaveGetting drunk on Pulque

One of the benefits of the agave!

A Game of Patolli, anyone?Do not pass Go

Patolli was an Aztec board game.