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The towns linked by causeways to Tenochtitlan

ORIGINAL QUESTION received from - and thanks to - Gabrielle Racine: Could you please tell me the names of the nine smaller towns linked to Tenochtitlan by causeways? Clear information on towns and provinces is hard to find (Answered by Ian Mursell/Mexicolore)

Pic 1: Map showing ‘The Metropolitan Region of Tenochtitlan’
Pic 1: Map showing ‘The Metropolitan Region of Tenochtitlan’ (Click on image to enlarge)

Exactly which were the nine smaller towns (mentioned by David Carrasco in his introductory book on the Aztecs) would be hard to pinpoint without asking him directly (we might!), but here are maps and a list outlining both the larger and smaller settlements in the neighbourhood of Tenochtitlan linked by causeways...

The larger towns, from North to South, comprised:-
• Tenayuca
• Tepeyaca
• Atzcapotzalco
• Tlacopan
• Chapultepec
• Mexicaltzinco
• Huitzilopochco
• Coyoacan.

Pic 2: Map of Tenochtitlan and its surroundings by Francisco Jesús Hernández Maciel
Pic 2: Map of Tenochtitlan and its surroundings by Francisco Jesús Hernández Maciel (Click on image to enlarge)

The smaller settlements would have included, again from North to South:-

• Ahuehuetepanco (Atepehuacan?)
• Colhuacatzinco
• Pantlaco
• Coltonco
• Coatiyayauhcan
• Calpotitlan
• Huitznahuac
• Altepetiac
• Xochimanca
• Nextitlan
• Popotlan
• Mazatzintamalco
• Mixiuhcan
• Acachimanco (Acachinanco?)
• Tequexquinahuac
• Tepetlatzinco
• Ticoman.

We’re not 100% sure of the accuracy/spelling of some of these.

Picture sources:-

• Pic 1: Map scanned from The Aztec World ed. Elizabeth M. Brunfiel and Gary M. Feinman, Abrams, New York, 2008
• Pic 2: Map from Wikipedia (Historia mexica).

‘Tenochtitlan - Centre of the Aztec World’

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Mexicolore replies: This would require a lot of extra research time which we don’t have at the moment, but we’ll keep this on the ‘to do’ list...!