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In this section our in-house team answer your burning questions about the Aztecs/Mexica...

We get a steady flow of interesting questions to our website - not just from school pupils - many of which we feel are worth answering and sharing with others. Please note! Being a hard-pressed teaching team, we find it hard to keep up with your questions! If your query isn’t answered for a while, FORGIVE US, it hasn’t been forgotten. If we ever retire from ‘the chalk face’, we’ll have far more time for this sort of thing...!

Who created Mictlantecuhtli and Mictecacihuatl?Who created the deities

Mictlantecuhtli and Mictecacihuatl?

Did Mesoamericans use fat and earth ovens for cooking?Did Mesoamericans use fat

and earth ovens for cooking?

What animals were associated with the sun in Mesoamerican culture?What animals were associated

with the sun in Mesoamerica?

Are there any records of albinism in Ancient Mexico?Are there records of albinism

or albinos in ancient Mexico?

How much of {italicsobador} (massage) culture is prehispanic?How much of sobador (massage) culture

originates from prehispanic times?

What type of war paint did the Aztecs have?What type of war paint

did the Aztecs have?

Did the Aztecs practice martial arts?Did the Mexica practice hand-to-hand

combat and martial arts in general?

Is ANY of the treasure given to Cortés accounted for today?Is ANY of the treasure given to or

seized by Cortés accounted for today?

What all was for sale in the great market at Tlatelolco?What all was for sale

in the great Tlatelolco market?

Did Aztec men grow beards?Did Aztec men grow beards

prior to the Europeans’ arrival?

Which Aztec ceremonies did not include human sacrifices?Which Aztec ceremonies did

NOT include human sacrifices?

What happened to the Culhuas?Did Acamapichtli really marry

a Toltec-Culhua princess?

When does a day ‘start’ in the tonalpohualli?When does a day ‘start’ in the tonalpohualli?

- At sunrise, noon, sunset, midnight...?

The towns linked by causeways to TenochtitlanWhich were the names of the smaller towns

linked by causeways to Tenochtitlan?

How did the Aztecs deal with mental illness?How did the Mexica/Aztecs

deal with mental illness?

How did they light their homes?How did the Aztecs light their homes?

Did they light candles everywhere?

Did the Aztecs hug?Did the Aztecs give hugs

when greeting each other?

The Aztecs and the seaCan you tell me more about

the Aztecs’ relationship to the sea?

What about the {italicquinametzin} giants in Aztec mythology?What do we know about giants

in Aztec/Mexica mythology?

What do the colour bands on Tezcatlipoca’s face mean?What do the colour bands mean

in images of Tezcatlipoca’s face?

The story of the Mexica sacrifice of a Colhua princessDid the Mexica really sacrifice

a princess from Colhuacan?

Axolotls in Mexica(n)/Aztec mythologyI’m searching for information on axolotls

and their role in Mexican mythology, folklore and arts

What’s the meaning of this ‘Mayan’ statue?What’s the meaning

of this ‘Mayan’ statue?

How were Xochipilli and Xochiquetzal linked?What were the similarities and differences

between Xochipilli and Xochiquetzal?

What did Aztec religion share with wider Mesoamerican cultures?What did Aztec religion share with

wider Mesoamerican cultures?

What was the hairstyle of (seasoned) Aztec warriors?How did the Aztecs have their hair cut

when they captured or killed an enemy?

How did lower caste people address the emperor?How did commoners address the emperor?

How did they address other commoners?

Good resources for learning Mexica writingCan you recommend good resources

for learning Mexica writing/script?

Other examples of Aztec templesCan you give some other examples of Aztec

temples besides the Templo Mayor?

Is this tattoo an Aztec eagle design?Is this tattoo design

an Aztec eagle?

Did the Aztecs try to convert conquered peoples?Did the Aztecs try to convert

the peoples they conquered?

What’s painted red on the face of Tenoch in the Codex Mendoza?Is it blood, paint or something else on the face

of Tenoch in the Codex Mendoza?

Why no bears in Aztec mythology?Why don’t bears feature more strongly

in Aztec mythology/calendar?

Red paint on Aztec stone sculpturesWhat did the Mexica/Aztecs use

to paint stone sculptures red?

God figures made of corn stalk pasteDid maize dough Mexican crucifixes develop

out of Aztec corn stalk paste deity figurines?

Did the Aztecs have coming-of-age rituals?Did the Aztecs have

coming-of-age rituals?

Did the Aztecs have a term for religion?Did the Mexica/Aztecs have a term

for religion, belief, worship...?

How did the Aztecs get their stones for building?How did the Aztecs get their stones

for building structures?

Did the Aztecs use metal spears?Did the Aztecs use

metal spears?

What does this Nahuatl saying mean?Can you translate this Nahuatl saying for me?

It’s from a mural in Kingsburg, California

What happened to the nobility after the Conquest?What became of the Aztec nobility

after the Spanish invasion?

What did the Aztecs call the Spanish invaders?What did the Mexica/Aztecs

call the Spanish invaders?

How did Aztec culture influence their housing?How did Aztec culture

influence their housing?

Why did Alvarado massacre the Aztecs?Why did Pedro de Alvarado

massacre the Aztecs?

What were the surgery practices among the Aztecs?What type of surgery

did the Aztecs practice?

The feast for XilonenWhat items featured in the

festival for Xilonen?

Could you get divorced?Did divorce exist

among the Aztecs?

What would Cuauhtémoc have looked like?How might Cuauhtémoc have looked like

after he became Aztec emperor?

Is Tlaltecuhtli on this ring?Is it Tlaltecuhtli on the face

of this very large gold ring?

How was the Aztec army provisioned and how did they treat wounds?How was the Aztec army supplied

and how did they treat war wounds?

The Aztecs and dwarfsHow did the Aztecs view

dwarfs and other abnormalities...?

Can you identify this object from the Florentine Codex?What is this object shown

in an Aztec trial?

Was Xochiquetzal a female Aztec warrior?Is it true Xochiquetzal was

a female Aztec warrior?

Dogs as guides for souls of the dead to MictlanHow did dogs act as guides

for the souls of the dead?

Did the Aztecs have war chants?Did the Mexica/Aztecs have any war chants

- like the Polynesians did?

The clothing of Aztec priests and royalsWhat distinguished the clothing of

Aztec priests from that of royals?

What’s going on in this image from the Florentine Codex?What’s going on in this image

from the Florentine Codex?

Which feast was dedicated to Chalchiuhtlicue?Which feast was dedicated

to Chalchiuhtlicue?

Royal court musiciansWhat was daily life like

for Aztec royal court musicians?

How did they make colourful costumes?How did the Aztecs dye

their colourful costumes?

Did the Aztecs use a ‘Mixtec Sabre’?Did the Aztecs use a weapon

called a ‘Mixtec Sabre’?

What was the symbolism of the four directions?What was the symbolism of the four directions

(East, West, North and South) in Mexica culture?

Were women stargazers?Were women responsible for

studying the night sky?

How far north and south did the Mesoamerican civilizations trade?How far north and south did

Mesoamerican societies trade?

What happened to the rest of the sacrificed person’s body?What happened to the rest of

the sacrificed person’s body?

Is there a name for the Aztec speech glyph?Is there a name for

the Aztec speech glyph?

Did the Aztecs paint their canoes?Did the Aztecs paint or

decorate their canoes?

What was the Aztec symbol for turquoise?What was the symbol for turquoise

and why was it special to the Aztecs?

How do we know Tenochtitlan had a zoo?How do we know there was

a zoo in Tenochtitlan?

Did the Spanish completely obliterate Aztec song and dance from the historical record?How historically accurate is

modern-day ‘Aztec’ dance and song?

The tongue hanging out in Aztec artWhy did the Mexica show gods and animals

with the tongue hanging out?

The 13 heavens and 9 underworldsWhat were the 13 different heavens

and 9 different underworlds?

What exactly was a ‘calpulli’?What exactly was the

Aztec ‘calpulli’?

Can you suggest good books on Aztec music?What are the best source books

if I want to research Aztec music?

Where are the codices today?What museums hold the key

pre-Columbian codices today?

Where were deerskin strap masks worn?Were deerskin strap masks worn

on the face, head, or where?

Did the Aztecs use ‘Mum’ and ‘Dad’?Did the Mexica use informal family

nicknames like ‘Mum’ and ‘Dad’?

How much gold did the Spanish take from the Aztecs?What was the value of the gold

taken by the Spanish Conquistadores?

Can you translate this poem?Can you provide the Náhuatl

translation for this poem?

The eagle and the snake...The foundation symbol -

snake, water and fire, or no snake?

Many partners or one?Did the Mexica tend to have

one spouse, or many?

Volcano mythsIs the story of Popo and Izta

ancient myth or folklore?

Mexica mapsDid the Mexica

have and use maps?

Were war banners sacred or utilitarian?Were battle standards sacred

or strictly utilitarian?

Did war shield symbols represent cities?Has anyone identified the symbols on the war shields

as to which cities they represented?

Double-headed serpentWho or what does the famous

double-headed serpent represent?

Who was Prime Minister at the Conquest?Who was ‘Cihuacóatl’

when the Spanish arrived?

The ‘crying boy’ whistling jugCan you tell my son more about

the ‘crying boy’ whistling jug?

The wind god’s fanWhat’s the wind god holding

in this codex picture?

What was the symbol for gold?The Mexica symbol for gold

meant ‘gods’ poo’

Aztec gardensHow did the Mexica

design their gardens?

Mysterious rectangular motifThe mysterious rectangular motif

under the neck on Mexica women’s blouses

What did the Aztecs wear?How did commoner clothes for the Aztecs

differ from that of nobles and royalty?

What’s the ruler’s dress called?What’s the name of the white cloth

worn by rulers round their shoulders?

Food storesWhere did the Aztecs

store their food?

The name Moctezuma todayCan I call myself


Who are these 2 gods?Please identify the two gods

you’ve shown back to back

What were Aztec shields made of?What materials were used

to make Aztec shields?

How should I start teaching a topic on the Aztecs?What’s the best starting point

to introduce our Aztecs unit?

How did the Aztecs make molcajetes?How did the Aztecs make

stone pestles-and-mortars?

Can you tell us anything about the Aztec God of Good Health?What can you tell us about

the Aztec God of Good Health?

Why wear headdresses?Why did the Aztecs

wear headdresses?

How big was the Aztec Calendar (Stone)?How big was

the Aztec Calendar?

An image of Citlalicue?Where can I find an image

of the goddess Citlalicue?

Aztec pyramidsWhere did the Aztecs

build their pyramids?

We’re trying to find pictures of what the Aztecs ateCan you help our 10-year-old

with her project on Aztec food?

Tezcatlipoca or Tezcatilpoca?Is it Tezcatlipoca -

- or Tezcatilpoca?

Traditional Náhuatl greetingsHow did the Aztecs

greet each other?

Child-friendly sources on the ConquestAre there any child friendly sources

on the Aztec view of the Conquest?

Were the Aztecs as barbaric as described by the Spanish?Who’s calling who


What does (my) name Cuitlahuac mean?My Mexican name is Cuitlahuac -

- what does it really mean?

Nahua Women and the Spanish ConquestCaught in the middle?

How did Nahua women react to the Spanish conquest?

What happened straight after Moctezuma’s death?How long did the Spanish hang around

in Tenochtitlan after Moctezuma’s death?

Did Aztec men wear earrings?Did Aztec men wear earrings

- and if so, what type?