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Maya Stone Lintel

Maya stone lintel 24 from Yaxchilan

Lintel 24 from Yaxchilan, Guatemala, Maya, c. 725 CE, stone, height 110 cms., British Museum.

The scene on Lintel 24 depicts Lord Shield Jaguar and Lady K’abal Xook (his most prominent wife) engaged in a bloodletting rite that took place in our year 709 CE. She kneels in front of Shield Jaguar who holds a great torch described in the text as a ‘burning spear’, illuminating a ritual that was probably held at night or set in the dark recess of a private chamber. Both king and queen are richly attired with Sun God pectorals... Wearing an exquisitely woven ‘huipil’, Lady K’abal Xook pulls a thorned rope through her tongue in the principal form of blood sacrifice performed by royal women. The rope falls on to an open codex. (Adapted from Ancient American Art in Detail by Colin McEwan, British Museum Press, London, 2009, p. 113).

Photo by Ian Mursell/Mexicolore.