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Maya jadeite plaque

Maya jadeite plaque of seated king and dwarf in the British Museum

Jadeite plaque of seated king and dwarf, Maya, 7th-9th century CE., height 14 cms., British Museum.

This Maya king is depicted cross-legged atop a raised platform, with royal adornments including a plumed headdress, ear spools, bar pectoral and a royal belt. The war shield on his left arm bears the image of the Jaguar god of the underworld. His speech scroll suggests he’s giving a formal declaration. Below stands an attendant dwarf, part of the royal entourage. This plaque was found at Teotihuacan, apparently taken there from one of the Classic Maya cities. (Adapted from Ancient American Art in Detail by Colin McEwan, British Museum Press, 2009, p.115.)

Photo by Ian Mursell/Mexicolore.