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Chalchihuitl glyph

Aztec/Mexica ‘chalchihuitl’ glyph stone monument in Mexico City

Chalchihuitl glyph, c. 1500 CE, Aztec/Mexica, stone, 59.5 x 70 cms., embedded in house wall, Calle Madero no. 39, at the corner with Calle Motolinía, Mexico City.

This monument, clearly visible to the passer-by today (click on the image above to see another photo), was embedded in a corner of an external wall of the house of the Marqués de Prado Alegre in Mexico City. When constructed the house contained a plaque reading ‘Year 1725’. The glyph alludes to fertility and preciousness.

Photos by Ian Mursell/Mexicolore

Colossal stone serpent (another street foundation)