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Manuscript tracing of a sculpture

Manuscript tracing of a large oval bas-relief sculpture in the British Museum

Manuscript tracing of a large bas-relief oval sculpture, probably Aztec; 1500 (circa - original) 1825-1831 (facsimile). Width: 32 cms. British Museum. Ref. Am2006,Drg.222.

Seated figure with legs crossed, wearing elaborate head-dress; holding two spears with his right hand. Drawn on a single sheet by Agostino Aglio. The tracing was commissioned by Lord Kingsborough and made by Aglio in the years 1825-31. It is published in vol 2 of Kingsborough’s nine volume work on Mexico ‘Antiquities of Mexico’. The actual bas-relief was probably collected by Alexander, Baron von Humboldt.

From British Museum Collection Online website.
Photo courtesy and © Trustees of the British Museum.