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‘13-Jaguar’ stone relief

Aztec stone relief showing the date 13-Jaguar

’13-Jaguar’ stone relief, Aztec, 1350-1521 CE, height 24 cms., stone, Museum der Kulturen Basel.

This relief stone shows the date ‘13 Jaguar’, one of the days of the 260-day ritual calendar ‘tonalpohualli’. The stone probably originates from a building and indicates an important event. This might be directly related to the building itself, commemorating the day of its completion.

From Aztecs, eds. Doris Kurella, Martin Berger and Inés de Castro, with INAH, Mexico - catalogue for the exhibition Azteken, Linden Museum, Stuttgart, Hirmer Publishers, Germany, 2019, p. 287.

Photo by Ian Mursell/Mexicolore.