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Aztec stone relief dedicated to Tlaloc

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Explore Molina’s famous 1555 Vocabulario en la lengua Castellana y Mexicana
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Today's Maya date is: - 2756 days into the new cycle!
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Professor Jennifer Mathews

How many people lived in a house (2)? asked Shinfield St Mary’s CE Junior School. Read what Professor Jennifer Mathews had to say.

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Statue of Christ on pre-Hispanic pyramid
meets with objections in the municipality of Tierra Blanca, Veracruz.
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Mexicolore Aztec workshop display in a primary school

Welcome to the Aztecs* at Mexicolore...

We are a small, independent, specialist, artefact-based teaching team providing in-school interactive history workshops on the Mexica (Aztecs) and the Maya. Since 1980 our teams have made over 3,500 visits to schools, museums, and arts centres throughout England.

”Mexicolore has probably reached more people on the planet than all of the courses on Mexico taught at universities added together. It has been a wonderful success that has brought the magic of Mesoamerica to untold numbers of people...” (Dr. Alan R. Sandstrom, Professor Emeritus of Anthropology, Indiana University Fort Wayne, USA)

“Mexicolore is the only organisation in the United Kingdom that for the last 30 years has been devoted to promoting Mexico’s Aztec heritage, presenting it in a unique and extraordinary way.” (Dr. Ignacio Durán, ex-Cultural Attaché, Mexican Embassy UK)

“Los felicito por la excelente labor educativa que hacen en escuelas, museos y el internet. ¡Su página es, simplemente, la mejor que yo conozca!” (Dr. Leonardo López Luján, Director, Proyecto Templo Mayor, Mexico City)

In support of our interactive school workshops on Mexico, the Aztecs* and the Maya, in which some 220,000 children have already participated, this constantly updated, 100% educational website, based in London and established in 2001, offers a wealth of carefully researched information and resources on (ancient) Mexico, all designed to inspire, inform, intrigue and encourage serious students of the Aztecs, the Maya (and ancient Mesoamerica in general) of ALL ages. Note: we receive no funding of any kind and we carry no adverts. We’re fiercely proud of our independence!

*While the name ’Aztec’ is widely used in education and professional literature, historically the Aztecs called themselves the ’Mexica’ in their Nahuatl language. Today their modern descendants still continue this usage - the word ‘Aztec’ being considered a historic or foreign term. In Anthropology, the ‘Aztecs’ of today are generally referred to as the ’Nahua’. (A. Sandstrom)

‘Desert Island Artefacts’: survey of our Panel of ExpertsWe survey our Panel of Experts on

their preferred ‘Desert Island Artefact’...

Basic Aztec facts: AZTEC MARKETSBasic Aztec facts:


A modern Nahua poemA modern Nahua poem by Natalio Hernández

- in Nahuatl, Spanish and English

The ‘bottom’ line in codex writingGetting to the ‘bottom’ of it -

the creative use of a glyph...

Important Mexica artefacts found in Mexico CityA stunning infographic shows exactly where key

Mexica artefacts have been found in Mexico City

Aztec advances (12): crop storageAztec advances in health and technology (12)

- ancient methods of crop/grain storage...

The Aztecs and CannibalismCannibalism: a meal shared with the gods

created a communal bond...

Sea shell or conchLarge sea shells have been luxury objects

for over 3,000 years in Mesoamerica

Superstitious? (8)‘Certain ritual precautions had to be taken

[by the Aztecs] when consuming food...’

Sacrifice in the pre-Hispanic Mixtec codicesHuman sacrifices are part of

a broader ritual context...

What all was for sale in the great market at Tlatelolco?What all was for sale

in the great Tlatelolco market?

Did Aztec men grow beards?Did Aztec men grow beards

prior to the Europeans’ arrival?

Which Aztec ceremonies did not include human sacrifices?Which Aztec ceremonies did

NOT include human sacrifices?

What happened to the Culhuas?Did Acamapichtli really marry

a Toltec-Culhua princess?