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Ian and Graciela

Welcome to Mexicolore

Mexicolore (‘Mexico - the Lore of the Land’) was set up in 1980 by Graciela Sánchez, for many years a professional dancer with the world famous Ballet Folklórico de México company, and Ian Mursell, an audio-visual consultant and development education specialist...

Between them they have created a unique team which has worked for 40 years in partnership with the Museum of Mankind, the British Museum, the Royal Academy of Arts, World Museum Liverpool, the BBC, over 2,000 primary schools the length and breadth of England, and a wealth of institutions, groups and individuals seeking to learn from Mexico’s culture and people. If you would like to call on their expertise, please phone Mexicolore on +44 (0)20 7622 9577.

Mexicolore is a small independent teaching team based in London providing specialist educational services on Mexico and teaching resources on the Mexica (Aztecs) and Maya, centered on team visits to schools and museums, interactive videoconferencing lessons, artefact loan boxes, and a range of teaching resources, on Mexico in general and the Aztecs in particular, plus background information and advice, for schools and museums throughout England.

Please visit our main Aztecs/Mexica and Maya website! Either click on ‘Aztec Pages’ (left hand menu) or click on ‘Aztecs’ in the bar at the very top. Ditto for ‘Maya’...

We also offer:
traditional hand-made papier mache Mexican piñatas!
• authentic Mexican costumes, decorations and props for hire and sale;
• a unique photo library on Mexico;
• full consultancy service covering everything from Mexican entertainers to Day of the Dead festival traditions
• expert judging service on Mexican culture and history.

Piñatas from MexicoloreOur Mexican piñatas

are the real enchilada...

Consultancy and JudgingWe’re expert judges

at Mexican events...!

Mexican Photo-libraryA unique

image source

What we offer to schoolsIn schools

since 1980