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Hi friends!
I'm Tec, and I've decided to have a go at helping you understand a bit of what's in the few ancient codices from Mexico that still exist. Some of the codices are really 'heavy' - calendars, religious stuff, royal histories, and much more. But some, like the one here, deals with every-day Aztec life. It's the Codex Mendoza, actually written just AFTER the arrival of the Spanish, and the original has ended up in England (in the Bodleian Library at Oxford)! The page we've animated shows how an Aztec dad should bring up his son, teaching him to be a good honest worker: and warning him with 7 examples of youths who have ignored advice and gone astray... Aztec parents were strict, but also spent a LOT of time teaching and bringing up their kids to be good, honest, hard-working citizens. Tec will get you going…!
PLEASE NOTE! We've moved one or two things around slightly from the original page so the storyline flows more naturally. Have a look if you like – the original is reproduced Here. Spot the differences…! to view this section you need flash player installed.
please click this link to download it.