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Codex: Borbonicus fol. 34

This famous scene from the Codex Borbonicus, part of an entire section of the Codex illustrating the round of 18 feasts celebrated every 20 days, depicts the feast of Panquetzaliztli (‘The Raising of Banners’), dedicated to Huitzilipochtli, and the all-important New Fire Ceremony, held once every 52 years in the year ‘2-Reed’. At the heart of this ceremony was the ‘tying’ of a bundle of (52) reeds to represent the previous 52 year period, and the inauguration of the next period. It involved a solemn procession of priests, dressed as and representing a range of deities, to the Hill of the Star (‘Monte del Huizache’), where the New Fire would be lit and carried by runners to the four corners of the Aztec world. Learn more in our ‘Aztec Stories’ section... INFO from ‘Códices Prehispánicos’, Arqueología Mexicana Special Issue no. 31, August 2009.

Aztec Stories: The New Fire Ceremony
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