Amatlan rock duck

Problem: Amatlan rock duck

Hello. In 1997 I took part in an exchange program for 6 months where I lived in Amatlan, Mexico with a traditional aboriginal family. While picking corn one morning i found a duck carved from rock that came out of the ground when I pulled up the corn stock. I have kept it since and I am wondering where I could get it appraised or get some history about it. My “host mom” told me it was an old Aztec child’s toy. Thank you for your help. It is a beautiful piece of art.

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4 At 12.00am on Tuesday October 5 2010, tecpaocelotl wrote:
Could possibly be real.
3 At 9.20pm on Thursday July 29 2010, Jocelynne wrote:
I am referring to Amatlan de Quetzalcoatl in Morelos, just outside of Tepoztlan.
2 At 6.45pm on Thursday April 15 2010, tecpaocelotl wrote:
Which Amatlan are you referring to since there are many Amatlans in Mexico.
1 At 1.28pm on Saturday April 10 2010, Ian Mursell wrote:
This looks authentic to me at any rate. The duck for the Aztecs/Mexica was associated with the rain god Tlaloc and also with the wind god Ehecatl. Some say it was a positive symbol because of its ability to fly, walk, swim and dive - ie, to ‘operate’ at three world levels (sky, earth and under water). Duck images are found on objects ranging from pendants to tobacco pipes.