Devil mask

Problem: Devil mask

Eustathios (David) Nightingale writes: ‘My wife was given this mask by her father. She says it is from Mexico. It is very important to us that we properly identify the historical/spiritual/cultural history behind this mask. Can you help? Any help much appreciated! PS: I am not sure this is considered a “mask” as there are no holes to see through and it won’t fit on my face. It’s more like wall art.’

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1 At 3.20pm on Thursday February 18 2010, tecpaocelotl wrote:
Usually these masks have holes to see through as you can see here:
These masks are (roughly) 30 year old masks from Guerrero, while this mask:
is a modern mask from Michoacan.
What a ‘demon’ mask was for would depend a lot on where you got it...
I think what you got is just for display, not actually for wearing as a mask.