Xipe Totec statue

Problem: Xipe Totec statue

Steven Hlady writes: “I have a sandstone sculpture that I am curious to find out what it means and how old it might be. Its a standing person with their arms out wearing what looks like a scale suit and a gash where the heart would be. Its about 18” tall.”

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2 At 11.32am on Friday December 4 2015, Steven Hlady wrote:
I found this statue about 20 years ago while travelling off the beaten path in Mexico in a small village.
1 At 9.38am on Friday December 4 2015, Ian Mursell wrote:
Without doubt this is a statue of Xipe Totec, Aztec god of spring and fertility. Please see our entry on this deity in our section ‘Aztec Gods’. It would be very interesting to know more about this statue and its provenance: do send more details...!