3 ‘dolls’ heads

Problem: 3 ‘dolls’ heads

Gary Landsberg writes: ‘I have three small stone heads, they appear to be some sort of doll heads, roughly 3-4” in size. These were literally dug out of the ground by my mother when she was a teen in the 1930s in the central courtyard of my Great Uncle’s house in Mexico City, the historic Casa De Alvarado. The house was built between the 1500’s and the 1700’s, added on to or re-configured by the various historic occupants. It is presently used as the Mexican Folk Music Archive and performance center.’

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1 At 10.28am on Monday April 18 2016, Tecpaocelotl wrote:
Very nice.

Far left one looks like it was the statue, middle one as a dollar, but not sure about the right one.