Large ring with deity

Problem: Large ring with deity

Marshall Brennan writes: ‘We have a very large gold ring that was probably cast in sand. The top image we believe is the Aztec deity Tlalteuctli/Quetzalcoatli as per similar images that are in the Getty and Mexico City Museums. The side image has the look of a helmeted soldier. Would appreciate your expert opinion...’ UPDATE (Mar 2016): ‘My son is traveling to Minn. next week to do filming with a company that will have a series I believe on the History Cannel, called “Found”. The ring will be featured on that series. At this date we have no idea what information has been found about this ring. They only mentioned a ton of great stuff. If we learn of any additonal info, I will post here.’

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2 At 4.05am on Monday December 14 2015, Zoe wrote:
Ian, Xolotl is the twin brother of Quetzalcoatl and is the evening star while he is the morning star as Venus is the only planet that can be seen at both dusk and before dawn.
1 At 7.24am on Monday May 25 2015, Ian Mursell wrote:
No, this is a Huastec image, of Xolotl as the Evening Star Venus. However there are connections with Tlaltecuhtli: please go to the ‘Ask Us’ section of our website to get the full answer...!