Terra cotta dog

Problem: Terra cotta dog

Nancy Cabs writes: ‘I have a terrocotta corn dog - can I send you a picture? I found it in a shed wrapped up in 1914 paper with a nut cracker.’

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2 At 2.48pm on Sunday April 12 2015, Ian Mursell wrote:
Forgot to say, you can learn more about this type of figurine from the British Museum website,here - http://www.britishmuseum.org/explore/highlights/highlight_objects/aoa/p/pottery_dog.aspx
1 At 2.45pm on Sunday April 12 2015, Ian Mursell wrote:
This is a copy of a classic pre-Hispanic dog figurine from Colima, Western Mexico. The dog is the hairless breed, often eaten in feasts in ancient times - hence they were fattened deliberately on corn husks, as you can see...!