‘Teotihuacan bottle’

Problem: ‘Teotihuacan bottle’

Mia Collins writes: ‘I have a rather odd looking bottle with the word teotihuacan on it. it seems very old, clay sculpted over a glass bottle and despite my efforts I cannot find any info regarding it or any similar pieces for sale. Could you help me get some knowledge?’

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3 At 2.29pm on Friday April 4 2014, Tecpaocelotl wrote:
I’m sorry, but there isn’t much information other than what I have shortly explained. Nothing in pre-columbian times looks anything like that.

I have a jaguar warrior with a similar style:

I bought this at the age of 15 (with money from my first job) and knew, at that time (my parents are big history nerds especially Mexican history.), it wasn’t based on anything realistic, but someone’s artistic interpretation.
2 At 1.52am on Thursday March 27 2014, mia marie wrote:
could i get a little more information than that please?
1 At 7.48pm on Tuesday March 25 2014, tecpaocelotl wrote:
It’s your typical tourist attraction item.