Giant statue of Coatlicue

Problem: Giant statue of Coatlicue

David Clifton writes: ‘It was in the Mexican exhibit in the Worlds Fair in 1984 in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA. It is over 8 feet tall, weighs around 200 pounds and is made of fiberglass. It has been in a Community Park in Northern Kentucky, USA since then and causes controversy to the unprepared visitor - we have assimilated a significant Mexican population in the last few years in this area and it seems to be unnerving to some of them. It is in a wooded section of the landscape and vines have started to cover it making it look very formidable especially when the snakes seem to like being around it! It is a sight to behold. Before I offer it up for sale ($5,000) I thought I would try to locate someone that would understand the background of the piece and appreciate what it is and maybe add to their collection or know of someone that might like to have it.’

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4 At 1.44am on Saturday March 14 2015, Joel Mercado wrote:
this artefact is Aztec. I know as I am an aztec dancer. Please contact me if this person still has said structure. Id be More Than Happy to contact my aztec family and aquire such piece. Ill elaborate more what it means once contacted. Please and thank you.
3 At 6.21pm on Thursday August 15 2013, Zoe wrote:
Ian, if David hasn’t sold it yet or put it up for sale I would certainly love to give it a home. I’m sure I could find a place for it here at my home somewhere.
Mexicolore replies: We’ve passed your details on to David...
2 At 11.41am on Thursday August 1 2013, Deneen L Hernandez wrote:
Have you tried the Smithsonian museum of the American Indian? They may interested.
1 At 10.10am on Thursday August 1 2013, Katia H wrote:
Wow! I wish I had the funds and space to buy that thing! Perhaps a museum could use it in a garden?