Small statue

Problem: Small statue

Raul Maldonado writes: ‘I recently purchased land, it is next to the mexican border, brownsville tx 78520, I found a small statue it looks hand made and looks like a indian it looks really old would someone be able to tell me if its real... it was really found out in the middle of.nowhere your help would be appreciated thanks.’

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2 At 3.38am on Thursday May 29 2014, Awi Ayoli wrote:
This item looks Cherokee. Especially the headdress. Contact a local museum with a Native American Artifacts expert for clarification.
1 At 2.30pm on Friday October 11 2013, Xochitl wrote:
The headdress doesn’t look Aztec to me at all. It looks more like a Great Plains war bonnet. That might date it to the 1800s.