Panel figures

Problem: Panel figures

Lynn Noble writes from the USA: ‘I’m trying to identify the gods/figures in these two panels. They were purchased in Mexico some time ago. Any help greatly appreciated.’

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3 At 10.27am on Thursday December 29 2011, Katia of Tonkam wrote:
They appear to be the “danzantes” figures from some Olmec (?) ruins I’ve seen photos of. They were once thought to be dancers but are now thought to be captives whose private parts have been mutilated. Check out the “blood scrolls”.
2 At 4.37pm on Friday April 30 2010, Zoe wrote:

I have no doubt looking at this that it is the Aztec god Ozomatli or lord monkey which would be the translation
1 At 11.03am on Monday February 15 2010, tecpaocelotl wrote:
Left one looks like Ozomatli. Looks like a giant print of a “stamp” print.