Two figures

Problem: Two figures

Paul Hood writes: ‘I inherited these from my father’s passing around 9 yrs ago ago. My mother told me he got them from a local antique dealer. The second picture of the statue sitting on a box I believe to be an urn of some sort. At least that’s what I have been told. If you shake it something is inside. The first picture has some sort of stamp on the bottom. I can’t make out what it says or is. Any help or direction you could point me in would be helpful. Thanks, Paul.’

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3 At 4.23pm on Thursday June 9 2016, Zoe wrote:
It is Huehueteotl. And they did believe in gods number two and there is a word for it the word is teotl. I’ve been researching these people since I was only 11years old.
2 At 1.46am on Saturday March 14 2015, Joel Mercado wrote:
The picture on the right is a mexican essence. Most people would say god, but aztecs did not believe in gods. As the word “god” doesn’t exist in nahuatl. His name was Huehueteotl.
1 At 7.20pm on Sunday March 17 2013, Tecpaocelotl wrote:
Can you take a pic of the stamp on the bottom? That can give us more clues.