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Kacey writes: I am researching a sun symbol that can be found on the second to last page (152) of Jorge Enciso’s book ‘Design Motifs of Ancient Mexico’. All of the designs in his book were once ‘sellos’, or stamps, that were found at pre-historic archaeological sites in Mesoamerica. According to Enciso’s book, the emblem is from a flat stamp that represents the sun emblem and that the stamp was found in Veracruz. What is even more interesting is that I recently found the emblem on a decorative blanket being sold online from a store in Oaxaca. This means that even though this emblem was found at a pre-historic site in Veracruz, it is still being used today. Very interesting! So, if this symbol looks familiar to anyone, please tell me anything you know about it. I want to understand what the symbol is, where it comes from, and what it means to the people who made it originally and what it means to people today.

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1 At 2.05am on Wednesday January 29 2014, Bijan Antonio Iranpour wrote:
It is similar to the Babylonian Sun God “Shamash”. It could be related and linked to that, but how it got there and why it’s used is quite a fascinating mystery.