‘Aztec’ ring

Problem: ‘Aztec’ ring

Dave Meyer writes: I bought this ring in Mexico many years ago, and was told the symbols on it are Aztec. I have no idea what they mean, nor can I find anything like them on the internet. I am hoping you may be able to tell me what they are and their meaning? Thank you.

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3 At 10.47am on Sunday May 5 2013, Rene wrote:
That flower with 4 petals represents the 4 directions in the universe: East, South, West and North. It is not an aztec simbol, but the emblem of Teotihuacan, an ancient culture who lived in Mexico several years before the aztecs!!!
2 At 2.51pm on Saturday January 21 2012, saritanicolasa wrote:
Could it have more of an mexica influence? Im not aware of much more than it looks like a river scene... maybe would help to check for art dealers in older trade ports.
Good luck. Its pretty.
1 At 10.10pm on Wednesday November 30 2011, tecpaocelotl wrote:
Your typical tourist sourveneir. The main image is a frog and the two things besides it are flowers.