‘Which Aztec god?’

Problem: ‘Which Aztec god?’

Sundea Murphy writes ‘Which Aztec god does this represent?’ Ideas welcome...

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4 At 3.14pm on Friday April 19 2013, saffah wrote:
hi you came to dallow primary school on tuesday the 16th of april. this model lookes like an ancient god
3 At 7.38pm on Thursday April 15 2010, Teixitiani wrote:
judging by the paint facial double ray, the skin appears to have the dress, and the breastplate, I would say that this are atributes of Xipe totec as these are shown in the Borgia Group codices.
saludos desde mexico
2 At 10.45pm on Wednesday April 14 2010, Sundea Murphy wrote:
This is not a tourist souvenir. This was found in an excavation.
1 At 11.01am on Monday February 15 2010, tecpaocelotl wrote:
No idea. It’s one of those things they sell to tourist. It has many atributes to other gods. For example the corn head, the “face paint”, the type of jewelry, etc...