Problem: Ring

Debbie writes: ‘I don’t think it’s Oriental, but rather Aztec, Mexican or a culture close to these. Please look at the pics and see if you can determine what the symbols mean or what is the origin of the ring. I was told that 13k isn’t common, but there is no doubt that it states 13k.’

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2 At 5.51pm on Monday December 5 2011, Gael wrote:
The signs show what the ring is made of. 925 means it is a silver sterling ring (the interior does seem to be silver). 13k should mean that it has a 13 karat gold plate.
As to the symbols, the later one looks like the so called “toltec dragon”, but who knows? Pretty ring BTW.
1 At 4.47pm on Thursday March 24 2011, tecpaocelotl wrote:
I can’t tell if it’s gold or bronze, but if it’s bronze I believe this ring might be from one of many communities of Michoacan (Purepecha). Symbols don’t mean anything. Just random objects.