Problem: Petroglyph

Jorge Acevedo writes: ‘I found this rock carved, in a little river near my town in Michoacán, this is not Purepecha, this looks like Aztec, please can you tell me if this is an Aztec god, of if this has a meaning. My name is Jorge Alfredo Acevedo. Thanks a lot for your information. I have more pictures of other rocks in other places, if you have Facebook add me as “Alfredo Canela” I have some albums with photos of petroglyphs.’

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1 At 8.39pm on Thursday March 17 2011, tecpaocelotl wrote:
Carvings on rocks are very hard to determine to date & authenticate. It looks to me like Ozomatli with the speaking symbol.
What town are you from and which river is the one that is near your town?