Box of goodies...

Problem: Box of goodies...

Cheryl Thackeray writes: ‘The fact that items such as these would end up in a thrift store for $4.00 then in my possession is almost ridiculous, but true. I can only assume that after someones death, the family just packed up everything unwanted and hauled it off to thrift. The box that contained these items was very old, probably the late 1930’s from the look of the old cellophane tape that was used. The wooden box seems to be a display box sealed in glass, but truly nothing decorative. More of an archival box. All of the items had been glued into the box, but when I bought it, some of them were rolling around loosely under the glass... three items, including the bowl, are still glued down. The bowl is in perfect condition, except for being glued down still. It has hints of red and black paint in it.’

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1 At 7.31pm on Sunday February 20 2011, tecpaocelotl wrote:
Looks a mix between real and replicas.