Small round ‘sun’ stamp

Problem: Small round ‘sun’ stamp

Denise Regnani writes:- Last weekend, my partner and I had a yard sale. He opened a box of items for sale, one which I spotted immediately. I took the item out of the box and said, “ We are not selling this. Tell me what you know about this piece?” My partner is from Mexico. His friend gave his the item years ago along with a story. Apparently, his wife’s grandfather unearthed the object while plowing a field in Santiago Ixcuintla. I estimate he found it at least 90-100 years ago. I believe it is a cermaic stamp carved like a sun, similar to the clay stamp mould pictured on your web site. It feels heavy like stone, perhaps fired clay. I would appreciate any insight you can offer on the age and origin of the stamp. I am very intrigued to have found such an interesting artifact, which almost made its way into a yard sale. (smile)

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2 At 11.16am on Thursday January 6 2011, Joe wrote:
Are you sure it is ceramic and not a lightweight volcanic stone? It looks very much like a small example of one of the many Mesoamerican mushroom stones. The shape is very distinctive. Way too much effort+time to make something like that just to be used as a stamp when a carved wooden stamp could be carved much more quickly + easily... IMO it is clearly something of ritual/ceremonial significance, surely a mushroom stone. If you change your mind about selling it please email me.

For more info about the mushroom stones of Mesoamerica see
1 At 11.55pm on Tuesday September 7 2010, tecpaocelotl wrote:
From what you written I can say that it’s real, but it’s not “Aztec” since the Nahuas didn’t live in that region.