‘Nahua figure’

Problem: ‘Nahua figure’

Dominic Lancaster writes: ‘I came across a striking Nahua image that I cannot find any background on. Can you tell me what it is?’

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5 At 2.13pm on Tuesday November 1 2011, Jewel Spiegel wrote:
Your image is “Haida Double Thunderbird” as shown on a page from the Bureau of Ethnology, tenth Annual Report, Plate XXIV. circa 1890’s.
Mexicolore replies: A big thank-you for identifying this for us/the original enquirer!
4 At 1.02am on Thursday April 28 2011, Malaki Savaji wrote:
this is native canadian art, specifically the west-coast, (particularly the Haida Gwaii archipeligo) and a little of Alaska. it is most likely Raven, who is a prominent creator and trickster god. he is featured on the canadian $20 bill. here in canada he is said to have pulled man from a clam shell at the bottom of the ocean, and tricked seagull into letting out the light. it may also be Kwakwaka’wakw, or the Thunderbird, depending on which tribe’s traditions this is honoring, but its more likely to be Grandfather Raven.
3 At 12.20pm on Saturday February 12 2011, Deneen L Hernandez wrote:
The image is a Nothwest coast Haida double headed eagle.The double-headed Eagle is not a traditional Haida crest but was adopted from the Imperial Russian form of this bird introduced by Russian fur traders in Alaska(circa 1900).
2 At 10.04pm on Monday May 3 2010, tecpaocelotl wrote:
It’s not Nahua nor is it form Southwest. Like Haida, Inuit, Tsimshian, Tlingit (more tribes out there, but that’s the only ones that I can remember.). Think more like Alaska to Washington State. For those who don’t know, it’s tribes that people associate “eskimos” & totem poles. They are a mix of animals. The symbols like these are for certain clans. I don’t know which clan it is, but from what I know, you have whales on the wings, a bear on the tail, not sure which bird it is, but I’m thinking Thunderbird.
1 At 4.39pm on Friday April 30 2010, Zoe wrote:
I dont feel that this is Nahua. to moe it looks to be more southwestern United States.