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Today's Maya date is: - 1893 days into the new cycle!
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2017-2018 Programme
2017-2018 Programme
Focus: learning about ancient Mesoamerica - whether the Maya or the Aztecs - through MUSIC! Ask us to send you full details...
Scribes at work

How our full programmes work

Though we work with DOZENS of volunteers from the audience at different times, these are formal presentations and as such there is no theoretical limit to the audience size, and we often present to several classes together. We think it’s safe to say that 9 times out of 10 EVERY child will be directly involved, in one way or another... What’s more, teachers repeatedly tell us that we cater for children of all learning styles, those who learn best by seeing, hearing, touching and trying. Each of our programmes is a quality experience - indeed, as many say, ‘a happening’...

Almond Hill Junior School, Stevenage
Almond Hill Junior School, Stevenage (Click on image to enlarge)

‘You have provided us with a wonderful, enjoyable, educational and highly interesting morning. Many thanks!’ - Medstead CE Primary School.

Total presentation time is (excluding breaks) a MINIMUM of 2 hours, after which we like to allow time for questions, and for some close-up viewing of the artefacts on display in groups.
Some of the subjects touched on include: founding of the Aztec capital, every-day life, education and the family, sex roles, clothing styles, basic diet, markets, jewellery and decorative arts, religion, gods, human sacrifice, birth/death and duality, predictions, calendars, the Sunstone and the codices, ‘writing’ systems, music, chanting and dance and their role in public ceremonies, and the ancient ritual ballgame.

* Why not invite parents in to share the experience? Year 4 pupils at Mary Exton JMI School, Hitchin, May 2008, view some of our Aztec artefacts display with their parents
* Why not invite parents in to share the experience? Year 4 pupils at Mary Exton JMI School, Hitchin, May 2008, view some of our Aztec artefacts display with their parents (Click on image to enlarge)

The whole presentation has high visual impact, and well-loaded cameras are a must!* This programme is ideal for a medium-large size audience (say 50-150 children). When to get us in: because we assume no prior knowledge of the topic many schools love to use us to kickstart the Aztecs, others want us in the middle, others at the end - it’s up to you! If you want to know our preference you’ll have to ask...!

Flora Macdonald Junior School, Littlehampton
Flora Macdonald Junior School, Littlehampton (Click on image to enlarge)

We now have several programmes on offer. For full details and prices, please email us and we’ll send you information on all the options currently available...

Watch this clip from a primary school workshop on ‘An Aztec Market’ at the British Museum, 2002

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