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Guildford Museum Pastfinders Club

Guildford Museum Pastfinders

Margaret Jackson (Pastfinders Organiser) and Sue Roggero (Guildford Museum Deputy Curator) organised an Arty Aztecs craft session on 21st. January 2006 in the Museum Classroom: the results speak for themselves!

Members of the Pastfinders Club
Members of the Pastfinders Club (Click on image to enlarge)

8 Pastfinders, ranging in age from 8-14, happily gave up their Saturday morning to learn how to make an Aztec feather fan and a turquoise mosaic snake. They’re clearly proud of the results - and rightly so...

‘120 Great History Projects’
‘120 Great History Projects’

The fan and snake craft guides were researched by Margaret and come from ‘120 Great History Projects’ by R. Halstead and S. Reid (published by Hermes House) and ‘Animals’ in the Artists Workshop Series by King and Roundhill (published by A&C Black).

‘Animals’ (Artists Workshop Series)
‘Animals’ (Artists Workshop Series)

The craft session followed an Aztec workshop with Mexicolore at Guildford Museum in October 2005.

Fans of the Aztecs!
Fans of the Aztecs! (Click on image to enlarge)

The materials used were all simple and easily accessible: feathers from feather dusters, air drying clay, plastic fork pieces (for the teeth!), stripped electrical wire and glass mosaic tiles (from Homebase).

All the materials are easy to find
All the materials are easy to find (Click on image to enlarge)

Teachers should feel free to contact Margaret or Sue to learn more of their work with Pastfinders, which deserves maximum support.

The base of the snake...
The base of the snake... (Click on image to enlarge)

Our thanks to Margaret, Sue and of course to the Guildford Pastfinders for sharing their enthusiasm and talent with us...

Hard at work...
Hard at work... (Click on image to enlarge)
Homebase can expect a run on glass mosaic tiles now...
Homebase can expect a run on glass mosaic tiles now... (Click on image to enlarge)
Don’t forget to see our other features on turquoise mosaics...
Don’t forget to see our other features on turquoise mosaics... (Click on image to enlarge)
Follow the links to the British Museum to compare with the original!
Follow the links to the British Museum to compare with the original! (Click on image to enlarge)
Pastfinders Club
Pastfinders Club
‘Masters of mosaics’

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Mexicolore replies: What about a game for matching images of artefacts with descriptions of their uses? One set of - say 12 - image cards containing no clues or captions of any kind, and another set of (12) cards each containing a brief description/explanation of the use of an unidentified artefact. Set one cards all numbered 1-12, set two cards labelled A-L). Game: to be first to match all 12 numbers and letters. Just an idea!