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The Aztecs - (Support for History 9): Photocopy Masters

The Aztecs - (Support for History 9): Photocopy Masters

Gill Nettle, Learning Materials Ltd - Wolverhampton 1998

24 pages of practical cross-curricular worksheet activities, full of clear b/w line drawings by Sue Prince, aimed at enhancing/extending literacy skills through a study of the Aztecs. Skills required include: deduction, labelling, sequencing, drawing from text, matching, true or false, etc.

There are a few mistakes: Moctezuma II is portrayed as king rather than the more accurate emperor (p2); Tezcatlipoca is named vaguely as the "god of everywhere" (p3) (he was in fact the god of death, the night sky, warriors, jaguars ...); the gold piece drawn on p13 looks decidedly Inca rather than Aztec; the arrival of the Spanish is given as 1518 rather than 1519 (p16); and tlachtli is poorly described as just "a game they liked to play" (p15)