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The Aztecs - a Jump! History Book

The Aztecs - a Jump! History Book

Robert Nicholson and Claire Watts, A Jump! History Book, Two-Can Publishing - London 1991

Nice combinations of actual colour photos and commissioned drawings

Good short sections on ‘How we know’, story of corn’s origin, the codices

Includes several activities (making tortillas, recognising pictograms, etc.)

Three spelling mistakes (Quetzalcóatl, El Tajín and Tlaloc all miss-spelt) on the first page!

Error on last page: photo of Teotihuacán Pyramid of the Sun is captioned ‘The Aztecs who built this huge temple’ - they didn’t! Nor was El Tajín an Aztec temple either.

Inexplicably not once is the word ‘tortilla’ given as the modern equivalent of Aztec tlaxcalli (pp16-17)

More spelling mistakes (Itzcóatl p9, Xiuhtecuhtli p18)

Very poor description of the Aztec steam bath given p18

Cheap and cheerful - basically a sound resource