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Sparklebox Aztecs Timeline

Sparklebox Aztecs Timeline

(No named author), 2008

Simple, clear, colourful, easy-to-read text and graphics.

Several typos and mistakes from poor research:-
• On the very first card, the Aztecs are seen as sweeping into the Valley of Mexico FROM THE WRONG DIRECTION!
• 1325: The graphic shown, instead of being a simple Aztec ‘entry-level’ temple, shows one of the the major pyramids at Teotihuacan (pre-Aztec)
• 1486: ‘Ahuizotu’ should be AHUITZOTL.
• 1521: ‘Tonochtitlan’ should be TENOCHTITLAN.

The amount of solid information in the set of cards is really pretty thin, and some of the content selected pretty arbitrarily.

A wasted opportunity: this timeline could have been so much better...