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Musica Azteca - Music Inspired by the Aztecs

Musica Azteca - Music Inspired by the Aztecs

(Was sold by the Royal Academy of Arts in support of ‘Aztecs’ exhibition), 2002

A lovely Mexican music ‘sampler’, with good background notes, from pre-Hispanic through folk to classical, including one or two classics such as the Zapateado (harp music from Veracruz with a strong Spanish influence), La Culebra (mariachi band music, with its origins in the 18th century) and Sones de Mariachi by Blas Galindo (classical with a spirited and uniquely Mexican blend of genres).

If you are a teacher of the Aztecs, be aware that this CD only contains two tracks (nos. 2 & 3) out of 18 of genuinely evocative pre-Columbian music (wind and percussion only). They’re well chosen (quite pleasing to European children’s ears) - but make up only 10% of the contents!

Recommended - if you can still find it.