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The Danger Zone: Avoid becoming an Aztec Sacrifice!

The Danger Zone: Avoid becoming an Aztec Sacrifice!

Fiona Macdonald (illustrations by David Antram), The Salariya Book Company Ltd., Brighton 2002

Cheap and cheerful, very easy to read; it does at least contain some background information on Aztec life

Cheap and nasty might be a better description, particularly of the illustrations, which (albeit in colour) remind you of those used in ‘Angry Aztecs’; the whole book, flimsy as it is, focuses on the ritual of human sacrifice, a decision which speaks for itself

The content is, frankly, poor and in parts very poorly researched. A noble warrior from a neighbouring tribe captured by an Aztec would NOT have had to ‘cross a desert’ to reach Tenochtitlan, would NOT have plotted escape at every turn, and would NOT have ended up spending ‘weeks in prison crammed inside a wooden cage with other captives’

Predictably, by quoting 20,000 sacrificial victims at one Aztec ceremony, the book suggests that ‘huge numbers of captives’ were regularly killed by the Aztecs; and Macdonald ends by giving a typically crude and negative idea of the Aztec view of the afterlife, with reference to ‘unhappy spirits ... miserable journey through the underworld ... perish in hell ... haunt the Earth forever ... bringing fear to all ...’

Finally, a careless mistake: the Aztec glyph for the number 8,000 was not a shield but an incense bag

Not recommended