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Ballplayers and Bonesetters

Ballplayers and Bonesetters

Laurie Coulter, Annick Press 2008

Lavishly and refreshingly illustrated from front to back with fun but well researched colour drawings by Martha Newbigging.

A mine of information! As a teaching team we picked up several little gems, including the meaning of ‘swearing’ in Náhuatl, the names of women poets, more Aztec superstitions and riddles, the origin of the Náhuatl word for book, etc. etc...

Meticulously researched - the author has consulted works by several of our Panel of Experts members such as Professors Frances Berdan, Manuel Aguilar-Moreno and Michael Smith, as well as many others of international standing, in preparing the book.

Includes lovely little sections on the meaning of ‘Mesoamerica’, ‘Mesoamerican Firsts’, Náhuatl Pronunciation, ‘Who was who in Mesoamerica’ (timeline), social classes, learning job skills, Mexico after the Conquest, recommended further reading, and more. And there are excellent weblinks included in the the body of the text.

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