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AZTEQUIZ no. 2 (hard, but fun!)

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Question 01: What competition did Moctezuma II win as a young man?

Capturing the most enemy warriors in one campaign

Being first to climb a tall pole in a festival

Pricking his tongue with the most cactus spines at night

Question 02: How many ‘heavens’ did the Aztecs believe in?




Question 03: What two animals did the Aztecs domesticate?

Rabbit and dog

Dog and turkey

Tortoise and iguana

Question 04: Why did the Aztecs put firelighters under their largest drums?

To tune the drumskins

To impress the spectators below

To signal the start of a major festival

Question 05: What shaped Aztec stone monolith was found buried in front of a bookshop in Mexico City in 2005?

A feathered serpent

The Aztec Moonstone

A barrel cactus

Question 06: Which Aztec god is the most ‘googled’?




Question 07: In Aztec armies of up to 400,000 men, around 1/4 of the soldiers were always what?




Question 08: What job was given specially to children, to help professional feather workers?

Making the glue to stick the feathers in with

Cutting the feathers to the right length

Stroking the feathers for hours to straighten them

Question 09: Where was a baby boy’s umbilical cord buried?

Under the hearth in the kitchen

In front of the emperor’s palace

In a battlefied

Question 10: In the special heaven of Tlalocan where Aztec children who died as infants went, what dripped from the branches of the sacred tree there?


Cactus juice

Chewing gum sap

Question 11: How many city neighbourhoods were there in Tenochtitlan?




Question 12: Which was the Aztecs’ favourite announcing instrument?

A bronze horn

A conch shell

A large vertical drum

Question 13: What was the first sound heard very early in the morning in every Aztec home?

The father spitting out pulque (fermented cactus juice) on the ground to refresh the earth

The family dog howling to be allowed out to hunt

The patting of corn tortillas by the mother

Question 14: What was the Aztec recipe for chewing gum?

Tar, gum and crushed insect grease

Cactus juice, gum and crushed fruit pulp

Pulped fig tree bark, gum and bat’s pee

Question 15: How did Aztec experts detect the presence of precious stones buried in the ground?

With the use of specialist digging sticks

By torturing local wise men to extract the answer

By looking for vapour signs from the earth

Question 16: How did Aztec parents encourage their children to grow more?

By making them sing very loudly for hours each evening in the House of Song

By stretching them from the neck

By feeding them the local equivalent of ‘jumping beans’

Question 17: Which object was always placed at the centre of every ordinary Aztec family house?

A 3-stone hearth

The family ‘petate’ (reed mat bed)

A wooden chest holding the family valuables

Question 18: Which creature did the water folk consider to be a mirror, to predict their fate by?

A pelican

A turtle

An alligator

Question 19: What’s the connection between bats and the writing of Aztec codices (made either of deerskin, fig tree bark paper or cactus fibre)?

Bats live in caves, where the Aztec scribes stored their manuscripts

Crushed bats’ wings were used, mixed with cactus juice, to soften deerskins

Bats plant thousands of fig tree seeds around the countryside, in their droppings

Question 20: What did Aztec warriors use to wash away blood from a bad wound with?

Mothers’ milk, carried in gourds

Warm pee

Maguey (century plant) cactus juice