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Horniman Museum, London

The 80,000 objects in the World Cultures collection and the 7,000 musical instruments kept at the Horniman Museum in Forest Hill, London, have officially been given Designated status to show their national importance, and include an impressive number of Mexican artefacts, particularly folk masks and instruments.

On display in the Centenary Gallery are some 20 carnival and dance masks from Mexico, including a particularly striking “snake devil mask” collected from a group of Concheros dancers by Rodney Gallop over 80 years ago; while in the impressively refurbished Music Gallery Mexico is well represented, with instruments ranging from an armadillo-shell-backed jarana guitar to a modern (“revival”) copy of an Aztec teponaztli (tongue or slit drum). Oddly, if you grovel on the floor you’ll notice that the finely carved dark wooden teponaztli is solid rather than hollow - and the carving, peculiarly, is of a Maya self-sacrifice ritual: not very Aztec, but it looks good!
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