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Speaking Nahuatl

Aztec Pronunciation

These are (we hope good) approximations to the correct pronunciation of Náhuatl words. We plan to add to the list, and also provide some general notes on the Náhuatl language - still spoken by several million Mexicans today. Click on ‘Introductory Náhuatl Guide’ (above right) for a downloadable introduction to the language. Our favourite word, as many schools will know, is ‘Tiahue!’ - ‘Let’s go!’ Ian still fondly remembers chorusing ‘Tiahue intekitzintli!’ as a volunteer working in the Náhuatl-speaking village of San Isidro Buensuceso (between Puebla and Tlaxcala) in 1971 - ‘Let’s get/go to work...!’ In each case you can click the icon and hear the mp3 file.

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