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Huaxtec shell pendant in the British Museum

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‘The Meeting: Two Points of View’ - John Pohl’s summary
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Dr. Claudia Brittenham

How many books existed [among the Maya] before the Spanish Conquest? asked New Haw Community Junior School. Read what Dr. Claudia Brittenham had to say.

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More quotes on the Aztecs

Well, you either love ‘em or you hate ‘em -
We continue our selection of thought-provoking quotes on the Mexica (Aztecs)...
(Compiled by Ian Mursell/Mexicolore)

‘The Aztecs: A Very Short Introduction’
‘The Aztecs: A Very Short Introduction’

‘The Aztec world presents us with a profound paradox. How could a society so committed to cosmic regeneration through the expansion of warfare and the thrust of the ceremonial knife be so skilled and accomplished in featherwork, poetry, sculpture, and childrearing? ... Although nearly everyone has heard something about the Aztecs’ bloodletting rites, almost no one knows they were renowned wordsmiths and riddlers whose philosophic formulations greatly impressed many Spaniards....’ Davíd Carrasco (‘The Aztecs: A Very Short Introduction’)

‘The Twenty Latin Americas 1’
‘The Twenty Latin Americas 1’

‘The appearance of advanced civilizations in the Mexico Valley was no sudden thing, but the fruit of a long period of development. The Aztecs, the last to arrive, were looked on by other peoples on the Agusco plateau as “people without a face”, for though they too spoke the Nahuatl language, the Aztecs did not really have any culture of their own.’ Marcel Niedgergang (‘The Twenty Latin Americas 1’)

‘Latin America: New World, Third World’
‘Latin America: New World, Third World’

‘The empire of the Aztecs, for all its brilliance and impressive power structure, was based on nothing more solid than ruthless militarism, tax extortion, and ritual genocide. Whether it might have evolved in time into a more civilized and viable polity we can only speculate. The Aztec warrior élite rose to power and maintained it by the obsidian-bladed sword-club and the barbed darts hurled from the atlatl; it went down before the greater power of Toledan steel, the cross-bow and the arquebus, and the pent-up hatred of the peoples they had subjugated.’ Stephen Clissold (‘Latin America New World, Third World’)

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