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Stylised Aztec human head of obsidian

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Dr. Catherine DiCesare

Did the Aztecs celebrate gods’ birthdays? asked St. Christopher’s The Hall School. Read what Dr. Catherine DiCesare had to say.

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Mexicolore in the TES

A feature on Mexicolore appeared in the Times Educational Supplement on March 11th... (Written/compiled by Ian Mursell/Mexicolore)

Our jade and silver eagle warrior figure
Our jade and silver eagle warrior figure

In the ‘Education Show Highlights’ section of the TES Teacher magazine in March 2005, an article by Thomas Watson featured Mexicolore, celebrating 25 years of work in schools; though we’re very grateful to Thomas for this, we should point out one serious mistake: ‘Some items, such as musical instruments, are realistic modern-day replicas, but the team boasts a large number of genuine objects of the period.’

We’re proud to point out that we have absolutely no original Aztec artefacts in our collection! But we do have plenty of superb replicas ... By the way, the very first artefact we took to schools was Graciela’s family ‘metate’ - find out more about it - and hear it! - on our Aztec Artefacts page.

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