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Aztec teponaztli in Paris

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¡Viva México! Mesoamerican manuscripts digital exhibition

Professor Davíd Carrasco

Was it true that the Aztecs believed that by wearing masks they took on extra powers? asked Loseley Fields Primary School. Read what Professor Davíd Carrasco had to say.

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Phil painting Aztec art

Drawing on Aztec art

Our youngest son Phillip is proving to be a talented artist. Having been commissioned to produce illustrations to accompany several of the articles featured on these pages, Phil has offered the originals for sale: send in your offers...

‘Chac mool’ 2006
‘Chac mool’ 2006 (Click on image to enlarge)

And more will no doubt be on their way...!

‘Incense pot’ 2006
‘Incense pot’ 2006 (Click on image to enlarge)

The originals vary between A4 and A3 in size, and are unmounted.

‘Aztec heart’ 2006
‘Aztec heart’ 2006 (Click on image to enlarge)

It was Phil, who, aged 15 back in 2003, played out the great Aztecs exhibition at the Royal Academy in London on the closing night on one of our large Aztec huehuetl drums!

‘Aztec mother and child’ 2006
‘Aztec mother and child’ 2006 (Click on image to enlarge)
‘Aztec mask’ 2006
‘Aztec mask’ 2006 (Click on image to enlarge)
‘Plumed serpent’ 2006
‘Plumed serpent’ 2006 (Click on image to enlarge)
‘Xochipilli’ 2006
‘Xochipilli’ 2006 (Click on image to enlarge)
Phil at the Royal Academy

For more information, please contact Ian Mursell on 020 7622 9577

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